About Us

incogvino adj. without being known for predictable tastes and opinions, wine-drinker in disguise, an assumed character exploring the realm of wine without pretence, prejudice or pedanticism.

Welcome to Incogvino. Rest your weary tastebuds, traveller and join us on a new lifestyle journey. Wine. Beloved wine! So much more than merely bottles on a retail shelf. Wine transcends its label. It inspires subcultures and subcurrents. Politics. Conversation. Debate. Discovery. All can be found in wine. There is a world within wine – and it is inside this world we choose to escape.

For some inexplicable reason, some are of the opinion that you must be learned to to be able to talk about wine. That if you don’t know your Shiraz from your Syrah, you should stick to box wine. You’ll find none of that here. Here, it is all about the wine (even if it does come in a box!)

Incogvino is made up of Marthelize Tredoux (Winner of the Veritas Young Wine Writer 2013 Award) and Andy Hadfield (the guy behind Real Time Wine – which enjoyed 2 glorious years allowing every wine drinker in South Africa to become a critic). This site and community is the result of their combined passion for wine, writing about wine, talking about wine and getting people to love wine.

Incogvino is unassuming, almost unnoticed; exactly how Marthelize and Andy entered the wine scene. Unknown, unassuming and unexpected. Nobody saw them coming, nobody knew what hit them. Two perfectly average people who went on to form some of the most vibrant wine communities on the Internet. With the closing down of the Real Time Wine app, that spirit lives on in Incogvino. And the motto remains: to share and enjoy wine without pretence, prejudice or pedanticism.

The “incognito-ness” of Incogvino reflects that most wine drinkers are just here to enjoy this glorious substance. Most wine drinkers don’t proclaim their own genius ability or expansive knowledge on the subject – they just enjoy wine. Incogvino is a platform to celebrate and share that spirit.

Incogvino is a dedicated platform for wine writing and all that surrounds the topic. The glasses are polished, the wine is decanted. Please, join us…

You can find us on Twitter @WeAreIncogvino