{Giveaway} – KWV The Mentors New Releases

Mentors_RangeEstablished in 1918 as a winemaking co-operative, KWV is a famous and inextricable part of the local wine industry. The company today encompasses a multitude of award-winning wines and brandies. While the iconic Roodeberg may have been the first ‘flagship’ wine, in recent years The Mentors range has taken over that role. These wines strive to be a true expression of terroir, experimenting with different cultivars from different areas and creating a new standard of excellence and consistency.

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Brandy: Gold, Demant and a [Giveaway]

Van Ryn Distillery - this is where the magic happens

Van Ryn Distillery – this is where the magic happens

Let’s not beat around the proverbial bush here: if you say “brandy” to most South Africans, the word association to complete the phrase would undoubtedly be “Coke”. Now, in the spirit of Incogvino, we do not judge. If you enjoy your tot of firewater with fizzy, sugary drinks and ice added then so be it. To each their own. The only thing that irks me about that image is the fact that it seems to overshadow the fact that South Africa produces the best brandies in the world. Brandies that regularly wipe the floor with Cognacs and Armagnacs. Trophy, gold medal and overall award-winning brandies. And not always the type that you mix with fizzy drinks. Here is a little peek at some of our best brandies, as well as a giveaway of two fine specimens of these prize-winning beauties.

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