A Very Incogvino Year


“Without being known for predictable tastes and opinions”

I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions and retrospectives. I used to be, when I was younger, but then I realised how bad I am at sticking to my lofty ambitions of bettering myself. So I stopped bothering. I pondered this post for a while. The idea was to write an end-of-year post before 31 December 2014. That never happened, partly because of my professional level of procrastination and partly because internet connectivity in Stilbaai was practically non-existent this year. Then I wondered if writing a 2014/2015 New Year’s post wasn’t going to be utterly boring and predictable; was I going to write one just because EVERYONE is writing one? Do I really have something to say, or would I just be rehashing the year and end up sounding hopelessly beige?

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A Visit to Lithos {Guest Post}

Lithos Cellar

Lithos Cellar

After one of our most interactive and exciting Twitter tastings with Lithos wines, one of our SuperFANS, Stephen Brierley, went along to the farm to discover where the magic is made. If you want to follow Stephen on Twitter for his magnificent tweets about wine, you can find him at @sbrierley75. If you’d like to visit Lithos, contact them at @wines_lithos or visit their website.

I had a long overdue engagement with Tim Hoek, the winemaker from Lithos wines and just under two hours in traffic from Century City to Somerset West was not going to stop me. The farm is on Old Sir Lowrys Pass Road, on Wedderwill Country Estate. The Estate has another wine farm on its property, but that is a topic for another post. Lithos wine farm is situated between the Schapenberg mountain range to the east, the vistas of False Bay, that go on and on all the way to Cape point, to the west.

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#TasteLithos [Twitter Wine Tasting]


Another of our infamous Twitter Wine Tastings, hosted by AndyHadfield and the team from Lithos Wines, a new boutique winery in Somerset West – that brews beer in the down time! As usual, the Twitter tasting went down a treat and Lithos can now claim to be one of the most responsive wine farms on this medium. I heard afterwards that the team sweated a bit – but hey, that’s the game.

Huge thanks to Lithos for taking part. Here’s a gallery of some of the images shared during the Twitter tasting and the stats we achieved. And thanks again to the SuperFANS – SA’s greatest wine community 🙂

TASTING: Sunset Ale. Lithos Cape Blend. Lithos Syrah.

Follow Lithos on Twitter here.

Some of the SuperFAN comments:

lindakemp111: #TasteLithos I love this Shiraz. Dark chocolate, white pepper. Elegant, smooth, accessible but with real class. #wine140

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