Restaurant Mosaic. Photographic Eating.

Recently had the pleasure of attending the Restaurant Mosaic out by Hartbeespoort in JHB. This is Chantel Dartnall’s baby. You may recognise her from MasterChef SA. And in a way, this is JHB’s baby as well. We don’t have many top notch crazy dining experiences that we can bring up in conversation with the Cape Town Foodies.


Restaurant Mosaic

But this isn’t about Cape Town vs JHB (even though Mosaic will give most places a run for their money in terms of sheer opulence). This is about some pretty amazing cooking. I’m not writer enough to describe it. But I can show it. The 10+ course endurance eating extravaganza was paired with a selection of off-the-charts international wine from Mosaic’s 49,000 bottle cellar (every bottle of which is purchasable).

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Wine experiences and wine things to do in Johannesburg

*This article was originally posted on Real Time Wine – 23 January 2014*

We had a really interesting discussion inside the SuperFAN Club around things to do and experiences to have in the wine world… in Joburg, about as far away fromwine country as you can get before crossing a border.

The suggestions were so interesting, we had to pull everything together and make a post out of it. So here they are, run off and explore some wine in Johannesburg.

The New York of South Africa

The New York of South Africa

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