A Particularly Gorgeous Meme Example

A Particularly Gorgeous Meme Example

I have a soft spot for memes.  I love them. They tickle my funny bone in the best way and they are EVERYWHERE.  Condescending Wonka, Bad Luck Brian, Skeptical Baby, Grumpy Cat… the list is endless. If you’re not sure what I’m on about, do click over to the Memesly.com list of popular memes. But be warned, you may lose hours of productivity…

With the rise of meme hilarity on the internet, people have (as one does on the internet) started making their own memes. Meme generators are everywhere, where you can choose or insert an image and add a caption. Knowing this, I did a little giveaway on the SuperFANS mailing list. We were generously given 5 more double sets of tickets to pass on to deserving SuperFANS (in addition to our previous Magic of Bubbles giveaway). And the winners were chosen through trial by meme!

Here are a few of the best entries I received. A fantastic exercise in MCC driven creativity.

First up was a classic Doge meme:



Then a spectacular cat gif, which really clinched the tickets for the entrant:



A touch of Gatsby never hurt anyone:




And a bit of wrestling action, underlining the important difference between Champagne and our local offerings:



Batman educating Robin on that selfsame difference:

Memes. Memes everywhere.



And finally, Ned Stark pointing out important MCC drinking etiquette:




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