Another of our infamous Twitter Wine Tastings, hosted by AndyHadfield and the team from Lithos Wines, a new boutique winery in Somerset West – that brews beer in the down time! As usual, the Twitter tasting went down a treat and Lithos can now claim to be one of the most responsive wine farms on this medium. I heard afterwards that the team sweated a bit – but hey, that’s the game.

Huge thanks to Lithos for taking part. Here’s a gallery of some of the images shared during the Twitter tasting and the stats we achieved. And thanks again to the SuperFANS – SA’s greatest wine community 🙂

TASTING: Sunset Ale. Lithos Cape Blend. Lithos Syrah.

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Some of the SuperFAN comments:

lindakemp111: #TasteLithos I love this Shiraz. Dark chocolate, white pepper. Elegant, smooth, accessible but with real class. #wine140

xivoni111: #TasteLithos #wine140 Red Riedel better nose but harsher taste. White Riedel slightly closed nose – great taste. Restaurant glass: kak.

xivoni111: #TasteLithos @wines_lithos #wine140 @WeAreIncogvino Very classy Shiraz. Lovely elegance. White pepper, coffee-hint. Delicious.

Konfytbekkie: I’m trying to #wine140 about this @wines_lithos Syrah but I actually can’t be arsed because it’s just TOO good to describe.

AntonyStiglingh: Based on the @wines_lithos 2012 Syrah reviews, you best get to the cellar soon or compete in a trolley dash of death. #wine140 #TasteLithos

Konfytbekkie: Cape Blend: fresh and green but deliciously so. Ready to drink now but gut says a few years will REALLY perform magic #Wine140

GrapeWhine: #TasteLithos @wines_lithos #wine140 Syrah is delicious white pepper and mango nose with a more spicy and meaty mouth

andyhadfield: ’12 @wines_lithos Cape Blend. Perfumey spicy Shiraz dom blend. Kinda tour-the-world flavours. Well priced. Will age. YUM (decanted) #wine140

Photos and stats below…


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