Are there more technologically advanced tastings out there?

Are there more technologically advanced tastings out there?

On Wednesday evening, SuperFANS from around the country joined up via Twitter again for another Incogvino Twitter Tasting. This time, Vilafonté stepped up to the plate with the 2012 release of their Series M and Series C (which is in its 10th vintage). This time, the team from Vilafonté really upped the ante by adding a live stream of the tasting, with Mike Ratcliffe at the helm. Wine fans around the country: check. Social media channel for interaction: check. Audiovisual enrichment via live feed: check. The live stream was also used to answer questions that were posted via Twitter, on the #TasteVilafonte hashtag.

Admittedly, it boggles even my mind how these tastings have evolved, and keep evolving. From what began as a few people in Cape Town and Johannesburg tasting one or two wines and discussing it through a few Tweets to elaborate planning, pairings, dinners and intense discussions. The winemakers and teams involved in each Twitter tasting need to be on their toes, because our SuperFANS come prepared with questions and comments. A few days before the tasting, emails fly through cyberspace, enquiring about the best pairings to go with each wine. Dinners are planned and, in some cases, restaurant reservations are made. On the night, culinary prep commences with aplomb, wine is decanted (sometimes into the poor man’s decanter and sometimes in more luxurious ones) and now, with the live feed, screens are set up. iPads, TV’s, laptops, phones, monitors. Screens to follow the hashtag on, screens to watch the live feed and backup screens in case of battery death.

The Vilafonté team outdid themselves. Incogvino Twitter tastings were taken to another level. If you missed it, here are some of the highlights, in Tweets:

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