This post is not about wine or events, no promotions or parties or any of the usual wine-filled fun. This post is short and to the point. The current fires raging in Cape Town are devastating large areas of the mountain, it’s crept into neighbourhoods, people have been evacuated and houses have been lost. It’s also affecting the Constantia Valley wine farms, specifically Klein Constantia, Groot Constantia and Eagles’ Nest. There’s no arguing the damage is indiscriminate; fire devours everything it finds: fynbos, bush, houses, vineyards. Vineyards. Not just another crop. Lifetimes of dedication go into the vineyards. The damage to these vineyards could take years, if not decades, to fully recover. It breaks my heart. And if it breaks yours – in fact, if anything about this horrible fire makes you feel sad and helpless – here’s how you can help:

  • Download SnapScan if you haven’t already. Scan the code in the image below and you’ll make a donation to the Volunteer Wildfire Services. You can choose the amount, it’s not preset.

    Donate via SnapScan

    Donate via SnapScan

  • If you’re in Cape Town and you want to provide supplies, check the VWS Twitter feed or their “How to Help” page to see what is needed and where.

They’re currently quite well stocked on supplies (food and water) but cash donations to cover the fuel costs to run the helicopters and other vehicles is always welcome. If you’re unsure about the situation, check the website or the Twitter feed for updates.

Words can’t quite express the gratitude for the tireless firefighters. All the accounts I read of people driving past or talking with them mention the smiles, the thumbs up and the positive attitudes. I don’t know how they do it, but we are all eternally grateful.

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